April 7, 2017

Investment Preference

With the climate changing to investing and accepting more risk, Australia is a more productive and accepting environment for new businesses and technologies. Australians and aspiring international business people have a world view and are both innovative and entrepreneurial, but in need of capital and business mentoring. Sino Ventures can provide these skills and resources to early stage companies and help them develop, create jobs, satisfy needs, and disrupt markets to improve competitiveness in the Australian and global economy.

Sino Venture Fund intends to fund companies at their early venture capital stages. We focus on funding seed, start up and early expansion stages of development companies in Australia. The Fund will assist ambitious, committed, skilled teams take an idea or concept through to end product and to market.

Through the combined efforts of Australia’s very innovative small companies, Sino Ventures will provide funding, mentoring and support to create the next generation of companies that lead the world in sustainable, and largely technology driven, pathways.

Sino Ventures seeks to help promote Australia as a skilled nation, leading reform in sustainable technology and creating a community ‘for now and beyond’ to benefit future generations.